NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian was slammed by journalists today when she announced an end to daily COVID-19 press conferences from next week.

Instead of the daily pressers we’ve grown accustomed to each morning, Berejiklian will call them on a “needs basis”. However, the fight is not over, far from it actually – with case numbers expected to peak next week.

Journalists who were there during Gladys’ announcement, slammed the Premier for “going into hiding” in the middle of a pandemic, News.com.au reports.

Channel 7’s Chris Reason funnily enough needed a better reason from Gladys Berejiklian, to explain why she is cancelling the pressers.

“We’re going to see hospitals come under the greatest stress they have ever seen and you and your ministers are about to cancel this press conference. Are you going into hiding?’’ he asked.

“Can I just say clearly and loudly to the people of NSW, we will be here whenever we need to communicate something very important to the community,’’ Berejiklian replied.

When reporters continued to press the Premier on her decision, Berejiklian added: “To expect the Leader of the Government indefinitely to do this every day means that I am not doing my job properly.”

“If there is any important message, or any surge, or issue we need to communicate with myself, the Minister for Health or anybody else, we will do that, but we have to accept that life with COVID means all of us have to adjust,” the Premier continued.

Guess we all just have to find something else to do at 11am then?

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Image: Getty Images / Pool