The Bullied Kid Trump Brought To The State Of The Union Fell Asleep During It

We retract everything everyone may have said about Joshua Trump, non-relation to 45 and special guest of the President at today’s State of the Union address. The kid absolutely rules now. He completely kicks ass.

[jwplayer tGrcWl4S]

Trump, a 6th grade kid from Delaware who was brought to Washington because kids at his school would not stop bullying him over his surname, did indeed make an appearance at the US Capitol this afternoon as a specially invited guest of President Dustbin. The younger, unrelated Trump took a seat two down from Melania Trump as Donald rambled on about all manner of shit in the traditional address.

During which, Josh Trump promptly fell the fuck asleep.

Yes, the young lad simply could not muster the energy to endure President Trump’s rambling bloviation while conscious, and chose the absolute most inopportune time possible to catch a few z’s.

Right there in the Capitol.

During the State of the Union.

Two seats down from FLOTUS.

The absolute state of that photo. The sheer force of the heads in it.

It’s hard to say what’s funnier: These three stooges in the front row all absolutely seething at the child…

…or Don Jr being tucked away up the back with his brand new spray can-ass beard.

My dude up there looking like a goddamned Wooly Willy.

Whether this appearance helps him with his schooling issues is another thing altogether. But for now, for one shining moment, I think all of us can agree: Joshua Trump totally rules.