Buckle up, chuckle fans: Josh Thomas is dusting off the microphone and coming home.

The Please Like Me star is in the throes of production for his upcoming follow-up series Everything’s Gonna Be Okay, but in between sorting all that out he’s apparently putting some time aside to do something he hasn’t done for a very long time: stand-up comedy.

Thomas announced on Instagram a short time ago that he’ll be heading back home to Australia for an “itty bitty tour,” which represents his first tilt at doing any form of live performing since Please Like Me debuted on the ABC back in 2013.

The Instagram post gave little away in terms of actual tour details, but the promise of any sort of Thomas tour will surely be enough to move quite a hefty amount of tickets.

There are no details available regarding dates, locations, or venues at this stage, and tickets seem a little ways off going on sale for the time being.

However for those of you eager to get around it you can sign up to a mailing list that will fang you pre-sale details the instant they become available by visiting the tour website. As an added bonus, Thomas will apparently be doing sneaky little trial shows in what will likely be far more intimate venues, and tickets to those will apparently be free. Again, all details in that regard are a big fat TBC so keep your eyes, ears, and whatever else you may want peeled.

He’s coming home, folks!

Image: Getty Images / Vincent Sandoval