‘Home and Away’ Star Johnny Ruffo Drops News Of Brain Cancer Diagnosis

One-time ‘Home and Away‘ star/’Dancing with the Stars‘ winner/2011 ‘X-Factor‘ finalist Johnny Ruffo has opened up about his brain cancer diagnosis on Instagram today.

The 29-year-old said that he will be undergoing aggressive treatment to fight the disease over the next few months, after a routine trip to the hospital for a migraine on Sunday 6 August ended with Ruffo being rushed to surgery to remove a goddamn brain tumour.

His huge legion of fans have sent the triple threat all their love and virtual strength, leaving almost 4,500 emoji-laden comments. The post has also garnered a whopping 35.4K likes.



In the week since his first post featuring graphic images of himself staying positive post-surgery – as well as the gnarly staples in the side of his head – Ruffo has thanked his fans for their support on the way to a doctor’s appointment, and shared a pic of his Italian dinner, because the lad’s gotta eat/knows how Instagram works.

We’re sending out ALLLLL the good get-well-soon vibes.

And, if you are reading this Mr Ruffo, in the immortal words of Keanu Reeves in ‘The Replacements‘, chicks dig scars.