John Oliver’s Hot Streak Continues With Amazing Rant On Ugandan Gay Rights

It’s quickly becoming a regular weekly occurrence that video will surface of John Oliver thoroughly and completely slaying a social injustice on his beyond excellent HBO show Last Week Tonight. Previously, we’ve seen him tear strips off of FIFA, Net Neutrality, the Abbott Government, and Dr Oz, among others. This week, his focus shifted slightly off of familiar shores, and looked at the issue of the persecution of homosexuality in Uganda.

Uganda has always had particularly tough laws against the LGBTI community, but recent amendments have increased public persecution by staggering levels. And the catalyst for the change shocking seems to have come from the United States.
Oliver’s incredible rant is accompanied by an interview with Ugandan gay rights activist, and frankly one of the bravest people currently walking the planet, Pepe Julian Onziema.
Check out the broadcasted segment in all its horrific glory.

The web-only extended interview with Onziema, which is absolutely vital viewing, can be seen below.