Despite only having a day or so to scramble and put something together, John Oliver still managed to open this week’s episode of Last Week Tonight with a thoughtful, considered, and tragically angry reflection on Friday’s horrific terrorist attack on a pair of Christchurch mosques that has so far left 50 people dead.

Sadly, as part of that, Senator Fraser Anning was once again elevated to a global platform as Oliver discussed the subsequent discussion that occurred in the hours immediately following the attack.

Significantly less sadly, so too was Egg Boy, given the US premium cable audience he so richly deserves.

Oliver not only covered Anning’s initial dogshit statement on the subject of the Christchurch terrorist attack – stating it “might be the worst possible response to what happened” while calling Anning himself “a melted candle of Ed Harris” – but the now-famous egging incident that has subsequently captured the admiration of practically everyone not named Fraser Anning (or, as it turns out, Dean Cain or Brian McFadden).

Cop the segment below (on a sneaky YouTube upload that might be gone by the time you see this; don’t blame us, blame HBO or something).

That last sign-off statement. What an absolute corker.

The real cause of Fraser Anning getting hit with an egg is Fraser Anning saying things that prompt people to throw eggs at him. He may be the victim today, but usually he’s a huge fucking asshole.

– John Oliver. New York, USA

Once again for everyone up in the cheap seats: Egg Boy is for the people.