AFL Star Joel Selwood Deletes Crook TikTok Of Him Using His Wife As A Mop

Geelong Cats captain Joel Selwood posted and then deleted a TikTok over the weekend that depicted him using his wife’s hair as a mop after the post received massive backlash.

Shared on Mother’s Day of all days, the video shows the AFL star joining in one viral video trend by tipping his wife Britt Selwood upside-down, dunking her head in a bucket of water, and pretending to mop the floor with her hair.

After Joel Selwood posted the video to TikTok, the video was also reshared to Twitter by 7AFL, which drew a lot of backlash as people found it disrespectful to women and perpetuating systemic issues like domestic and gendered violence.

Big yikes.

Sure this might have been all good and consensual between the couple – Britt looked like she was laughing throughout the whole thing – but it’s not a very good look for an AFL captain, who is a role model to many young Aussies, to be treating his partner like a cleaning tool.

At the time of writing, Joel Selwood had removed the initial post on his personal TikTok account, but the tweet from 7AFL was still active.

Other fans of the star Cat were quick to defend the video, claiming that people were getting outraged over nothing and that it was simply a bit of harmless fun while the couple are stuck in the Victorian lockdowns.

Gonna leave that one with you to make a call on, but in my opinion, that’s just not it, chief.