One of the great things about being a former Parliamentarian has gotta be the freeing ability to say whatever you want about anything. Particularly if that means taking pot shots about political issues that you probably could’ve had some influence over while you were in office but chose not to for whatever reason. Must feel pretty good. That said, former Treasurer Joe Hockey has apparently decided to put the boots into the Morrison Government’s categorically pisspoor COVID-19 vaccination program, in a hit-and-run tweet-and-delete post that’s sent tongues a waggin’.

The ex-MP and ex-US Ambassador apparently made his thoughts on Australia’s COVID vaccination rollout abundantly clear on Twitter, posting a quote tweet featuring a graph of individual country rates-of-vaccination that highlights Australia as one of the worst and slowest in the developed world. Over the top of said tweet, Hockey wrote “says it all.”

The graph in question, for what it’s worth, was originally posted by Cameron Stewart, an associate editor at The Australian, and puts Australia’s current rate of vaccination well below a swathe of other nations including Estonia, Czechia, Slovakia, Turkey, Mexico, Colombia, and Costa Rica to name but a few.

Though Hockey, in the whatever light of day, saw fit to delete the tweet, screenshots of the brick-subtle swipe at the Morrison Government’s handling of the whole shebang have been preserved forevermore.

It’s also very much worth pointing out at this stage that Joe Hockey still resides and works in the United States, having finished up his stint as the Ambassador in January 2020.

Also, just casually, he happens to be galavanting about Paris at the moment, presumably having received a full vaccination himself.

A few days ago Hockey posted a selfie at the Arc De Triomphe to Instagram with the associated caption “#covidfree.”

“Says it all” indeed, hey.

Image: Getty Images / Stefan Postles