Joe Hockey Quit Politics To Stop Himself Acting Out Vengeful Fantasies

Like an episode of the seminal television series Lost, when our ex-Treasurer and newly appointed Ambassador to the United States Joe Hockey finally (!!!) revealed WHY he’d ‘decided’ to leave politics, it was somehow both juicy and oddly unsatisfying at the same time. 

In his first interview post-Libspill – on podcast program The Mark Bouris Show, no less – Hockey said that he had dutifully retired from politics because otherwise he’d be wholly consumed with getting revenge. (See Figure A)

“It’s just the politics at the end of the day that beat me,” he told entrepreneur-cum-podcast host Mark Bouris.

“If I was going to stay, it’d be overwhelmingly about getting even (See Figure B) with people that brought me down.” (See Figure C)

“I love my country and my family more than I hate my enemies.”

Shakespearean, ain’t it?  

Listen to the 59 minute podcast HERE or just see below for this v. v. important detail:

“Did you ever think to yourself that one day you’d be Treasurer of this country?” asks Mark.

“No,” Hockey replies. “I thought I’d be Prime Minister.”

Figure A

Figure B

Figure C

Images: Stephan Postles via Getty Images.