There’s a big, hot, wet rumour circulating that President Joe Biden let a corker of a fart out in front of the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Parker Bowles at the COP26 summit in Glasgow. Apparently, it’s the only thing the royal family member can talk about, because it was so fucken long and loud. And I simply want to know if it’s real.

Biden’s flatulence has turned into quite the gassy beat for fact-checking teams at Snopes for the last couple of months. In October, the site debunked whether Biden let Fluffy off the chain at a town hall meeting, which was found to actually be a gag fart track used over the top of a video posted by CNN earlier in the month.

Now, the fact-checkers are back on the case of the noisy anoos as reports began to roll out that Mr President had released his weapons of ass destruction in the presence of literal royalty, who now can’t stop telling everyone in earshot about it.

At the time of writing, Snopes has determined these claims to be “unproven”, which means that not even the internet’s rumour mill sleuths can crack the case.

“We can’t confirm or debunk whether Biden truly farted while meeting with the Duchess of Cornwall,” Dan Evon from Snopes wrote.

“We can say that the evidence for this fart faux pas is scarce, that it is based entirely on a single quote from an anonymous source, and that it made its way around the internet on the heels of several other false fart rumors.”

Perhaps we need to resort to the age-old sciences around farding and shidding your pants: whoever smelt it dealt it, and whoever denied it supplied it. Which, in this case, might just mean that the Duchess was the one who royally popped off.

Look, I’m not saying that’s a hard fact here but if we’re going by playground rules then, well, you connect the stanky dots.

Until then, I’m going to refresh Snopes until I get some damn answers about Biden’s bottom burps.

Image: Getty Images / Samuel Corum / Snopes