A 19 Y.O. Man Detained On Child Porn Charges Held Over New Plot To Assassinate Joe Biden

joe biden assassination

The FBI reportedly has reason to believe that a North Carolina man may have been plotting to assassinate US Democratic Presidential nominee Joe Biden ahead of the election.

Alexander Hillel Treisman, 19, was arrested for child pornography charges back in May, but according to reports, the FBI has filed to keep him in custody pending trial over fears he was plotting to assassinate Biden.

According to legal documents obtained by TMZ and Daily Beast, the FBI claim the 19-year-old posted a meme on social media, in which he asked – point-blank – if he should assassinate the potential president. But it’s not just a meme that has raised a red flag here.

The FBI also claims they found a checklist in Treisman’s possession that described how he would “execute” Biden, and that he planned to travel to a Wendy’s restaurant within five miles of Biden’s home.

A search warrant for his phone reportedly revealed he had searched for Biden’s home address, and Googled questions like “does the vp get secret service for life.”

Terrifyingly, documents obtained by TMZ also claim that the FBI found a van owned by Treisman filled with guns and explosives.

They also allegedly found $509,000 USD in cash, books about bomb-making, and drawings of planes crashing into buildings and swastikas.

“Treisman conveyed to the interviewing officers that he had an interest in terrorist incidents and mass shootings, and that he watched YouTube videos and read Wikipedia articles about such incidents,” a search warrant application for Treisman’s property read.

The legal documents filed by the FBI in an attempt to keep him behind bars also allege that Treisman was planning to carry out a mass shooting in a shopping centre food court on a major holiday like Black Friday or even Christmas Day.

His alleged alarming interest in mass shootings, racist ideologies, domestic terrorism and the assassination of a presidential nominee quickly resulted in Treisman becoming the subject of a Joint Terrorism Task Forces investigation.

Treisman reportedly denied any real attempts to harm a person, claiming that the threats online “were part of a persona.”

He is currently in custody in Cabarrus County, North Carolina pending child pornography charges. He has not yet been charged in relation to the Biden assassination.