JJ Abrams Would Like You To Stop Leaking Star Wars Set Photos Please

JJ Abrams is currently hard at work making a film that has zero chance of living up to everyone’s impossible expectations Star Wars Episode VII at the moment, but he’s getting a little frustrated with the surprisingly rabid media curiosity that’s come through rebooting the most universally beloved film franchises of all time.

It’s not so much the casting news that’s giving him the irrits, as it is the photos that have been sneakily snapped from the set and smuggled away, presumably via the Kessel Run in amongst containers of glitterstim spice.
And not only because the photos have been leaked, but because they’ve been telling blatant lies and spreading mistruths about the film, which have the nasty effect of building up expectation and spreading unrealistic mistruths about what is, and isn’t in the film.
The straw that seemingly broke the camels back was a recent photo that more than seemed to suggest that construction of a Millennium Falcon set was well underway. So incensed by this abhorrent lie was JJ that he took the Bad Robot Twitter account to set the record straight once and for all.

The fact that the photo was taken on top of a Dejarik holochess board, exactly the same kind found in the Millennium Falcon, is probably nothing more than a huge coincidence that you shouldn’t read into whatsoever, right?


Photo: Frederic J. Brown via Getty Images.