Jimmy Kimmel Hosted A Mini-‘Friends’ Reunion And Made Them Read His Fan Fiction

So, no one told you life was gonna be this way, huh? Is your job a joke? Are you broke? Is your love life D.O.A.? Have we got the remedy for you!
Jimmy Kimmel Live! struck a rich vein of gold when Jennifer Aniston appeared on the show to promote her new film Life of Crime.
Kimmel confessed a love for the sitcom that brought Aniston to the dance, the iconic Friends. So deep is his love for the show, in fact, that he’d gone ahead and written fanfiction about the show, which Aniston “reluctantly” agreed to read. But not only did she read it, but they did so in an exact replica of the kitchen from the Friends set – perfect to the very last detail, and running to (allegedly) some $80,000.
And when Courtney Cox and Lisa Kudrow both show up, well – you’ve just got yourself a real good, particularly funny, albeit somewhat creepy (I don’t know why the term “make love” makes my skin crawl, but it does) time.
The clincher? When Kimmel gets up to retrieve the “Racheal wig” which Aniston promptly tosses away: “I have boundaries, Jimmy.”


Now if you don’t mind, I’m gonna spend the rest of the day watching clips on YouTube of Ross saying the word “Unagi” on repeat.