Less than a week after the President of the United States tweeted a video of himself literally bodyslamming CNN, his eminently dack-able son Donald Trump Jr. has posted a vid with very similar themes on his Instagram

One of he best I’ve seen. ?????? #Repost @oldrowofficial ??? Hey @cnn we heard you like memes ???????????? s p i c y b o i

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It’s reposted from an account called @oldrowofficial, where it first appeared last night. The lesser Trump saw fit to re-gram it, and retweet it as well:

Calling it “one of [t]he best [he’s] seen“, which, like, okay… he is entitled to his opinion… everyone says dumb shit on Twitter

…except it still seems extremely suss that the First Family is so openly anti-media and therefore anti-criticism-of-government which is a big, fascist-y red flag and no-one seems to be quite as freaked out by this as they should be and I can’t shake this feeling that we’ve all fallen through a vortex into the Worst Possible Timeline: Meme Edition and it’s really starting to put me on edge, you know?

JFC: Trump Jr. Posted Another Instagram Meme Of His Dad Destroying CNN

At least there are others who are similarly disappointed with this brazen display of aggression-via-meme. 

This is our reality now. This is real life in the year of our lord 2017. May god have mercy on us all.

Source: News.com.au.

Image: Instagram / @donaldtrumpjr