It was seemingly the perfect plan: Hit the jewellery store in broad daylight when no one suspects it, smash the windows, raid the front counters, get out before anyone realises what’s going on. But there was one thing several cunning would-be thieves in Canada didn’t count on: Their targets were sword guys.

As much as it sounds like the end-result of Hollywood inevitably taking plot inspiration from memes, that was the very real situation that unfolded in a jewellery store near Toronto overnight.

Four thieves attempted a brazen smash-and-grab at a store in Mississauga, west of Toronto. CCTV footage shows the group rushing to the store front and smashing in the front window with what appears to be a hammer; glass shattering mere metres from where a store attendant and a customer were standing.

But when the first of the group attempts to climb in through the window, three store owners rushed them wielding gigantic swords, in wild scenes that were all caught on camera.

Additional security camera footage from outside the building shows old mates having next-to-no idea what to do when suddenly confronted with several clear masters of the blade.

Despite one of the robbers reportedly having a handgun, no one was hurt in the foiled heist, with the would-be thieves fleeing in a black SUV shortly afterwards.

Wildly enough, this sword incident came a couple of months after another one that occurred at another jewellery store just 100 metres up the road.

In that incident, although the owner was quick to draw blade, the thieves made out with a reasonably significant amount of jewels.

The lesson here: Do not mess with a blade man. You will only come away second-best.

Source: CBC