The Dickhead Of The Year Award Goes To This Guy Who Rode His Jetski Through Floodwaters

jetski flood

A Central Coast man has officially won idiot of the year for 2020 after being caught riding a jetski through floodwaters outside of a local McDonalds, despite emergency services workers urging people to take care during the storm.

As a general rule, you should never walk or drive through floodwater. It’s dangerous, it’s stupid and you just don’t want to be *that* guy who wastes emergency services’ time trying to save you.

The footage, which went viral after being uploaded to Reddit on Friday night, shows the unidentified man riding through flood waters in the Central Coast town of Tuggerah.

“When it’s flash flooding outside but ya desperate for some Maccas,” the caption read.

The footage shows the man speeding through the streets while car alarms can be heard in the background, before ending with two burnouts before coming to a stop outside of the local McDonalds.

The controversial post received a plethora of responses, with some users pointing out the dangers of the stunt.

When it’s flash flooding outside but ya desperate for some Maccas from r/australia

“I’d be pissed if the wake from his jetski pushed water into my car/business/house,” one Reddit user wrote.

“I would have no issues if someone was using a jetski to just get around a little bit and take a look at the flooding, moving slowly, carefully, etc. This guy just wanted to get on youtube with “look at me, jetski in the streets!” and that’s the problem right there,” another user said.

Other Reddit users commended his comedic efforts.

“People can’t stand a bit of good ‘ol Aussie larrikinism anymore can they?”

“Agreed. I can’t see one thing wrong with what this guy did. Did he hurt anyone? Did he cause any damage? Is anyone around him, and at risk? It’s a “no” to all three questions, so what’s wrong with it? Lighten up, people. You’re being un-Australian with your faux outrage,” another user responded.

Obviously, it’s hilarious to see a man jetskiing through the streets fo Tuggerah, but I urge you not to try this at home if you’re unfortunately hit with flash flooding. Although it’s worth a good chuckle, flood water is usually pretty unsanitary and can be dangerous.