Jessica Rudd Is Scared Of Tony Abbott As PM, Obviously

While JessicaParliament Is Like Mean Girls” Rudd certainly isn’t Tony Abbott’s number one fan, Kevin Rudd’s daughter is being surprisingly vocal in the landscape of politicians’ daughters taking over the campaign. While Tony Abbott’s daughters are just being told by their own dad that they’re total tens and popping up in adorable press shots holding puppies, Jessica Rudd has all but declared the Abbottalypse if Tony Abbott is victorious in today’s polling.

Speaking to The Vine, Jessica Rudd provided a smack down to commentators who describe her public appearances by her father’s side as token: “when I hear of these expressions like she’s been wheeled out, she’s been put out, she’s been paraded out…. I’m not a pony. I’m a woman, I’m an author, I’m a mother I’m a lawyer, I’m an accomplished person.” Wait a second. Jessica Rudd for PM…?
Jessica Rudd also expressed her clear disdain for Australia to be potentially led by Tony Abbott, batten down the hatches, collect women and children, etc: “I’m really scared because the polls are telling us that on Saturday most people are going to vote for Mr Abbott and he’s going to win and so we’re going to wake up on Sunday morning and he will be the Prime Minister of Australia….I’m deathly afraid.” 
Kevin Rudd’s daughter also pointed out that, party politics aside, sometimes it is about the individual: the Prime Minister of Australia is a representative of the nation, and should probaly reflect that: “I’m worried about things like when he said ‘baddies versus baddies’ I’m like seriously mate, you’re about to go to the G20 to represent our country, I don’t think that kind of language is helpful.”
Considering Jessica Rudd’s Mean Girls’ comparison, however, maybe she’ll just vote for Regina George?
Via The Vine
Lead image by Bradley Kanaris vis Getty.