Jesse Eisenberg Disses “Fucked Up” Protesters At London’s Pride Parade

Look, if you’re the kinda guy/gal who hasn’t seen Batman v Superman, and you’re averse to very minor spoilers, go ahead and give the next paragraph a miss. 

That being said, Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor is most certainly not the kind of bloke who puts much stock in the idea of higher powers. His entire schtick is a fundamental belief in mankind, and our ability to reason and act without the interference of any god – looking at you, Supes. 

So, when the actor was faced with religious protesters at today’s LGBT Pride parade in London, it’s not an enormous surprise the dude just wasn’t going to have it. After being handed a pamphlet and being asked if his “mind is closed” – holy condescension, Batman! – Eisenberg said the protest was “so fucking sad.”

Eisenberg isn’t just riding bikes and dissing zealots in the UK, either. He’s there performing on West End in a play he wrote, and as evidenced by his hasty two-wheeled getaway, he’s obviously got far more important things to do than squabble with ideologues.