Victoria’s COVID-19 response commander (and commander of thine hearts) Jeroen Weimar has amassed a horny following in Victoria that’s lead to actual merchandise of him being made, and tbh it’s not hard to see why.

Weimar’s been in charge of managing testing centres and vaccinations, and has been discussing the latest positive cases and contact tracing in Victoria’s daily COVID pressers.

He’s developed a cult-following because, unlike SOME people, he’s actually a really clear communicator who is just trying to do his job.  I totally understand the attraction to that as a Sydneysider who’s had to watch our politicians behave like frenzied shit-slinging chimps for the majority of our COVID outbreak.

A man that gives you the facts without being condescending or attacking journalists? And who has a dry sense of humour too? Hot.

Weimar’s become so popular that you can even buy merchandise of him, courtesy of Melbourne artist Ashley Ellis who also created portraits of Brett Sutton when Victoria was thirsting after him too.

“After many requests I am finally adding Jeroen Weimar to my COVID portrait collection. It seems that ‘competent public servants’ are still thirst traps in the eyes of many!” Ellis said on the website hosting her Weimar merch. Or should I say Weimerch?

Also I just need to point out that when I say merchandise, I mean you can buy 60 different items with his face plastered all over them – including a quilt cover, a face mask or even a shower curtain.

Weimar comforter
Heathens, all of you. Image: Redbubble

In a presser on Sunday, a journo asked Weimar how he felt about being Victoria’s new ‘poster boy’ for COVID-19, pointing out that you can literally buy a cushion with his face on it. (A fifth lockdown is definitely getting to y’all, it seems).

“Apologies, I think my mother set that up,” Weimar joked in response. And then, of course he directed the conversation back to front line health workers and people who have been waiting hours to get tested.

“The people at the testing stations and pathology and health services, they are making the difference and they are the ones we should be talking about and praising,” he said.

It’s definitely a change to see an *actually* competent public servant dealing with COVID. Especially one that isn’t using pressers as a dick swinging contest.

Look, I don’t usually condone thirsting after men that are doing the bare minimum, but other politicians have set the bar so fucking low that I don’t blame Victorians. Can literally any Sydney COVID spokespeople please learn a thing or two from this man?