Brittany Higgins has spoken out after FIVEaa radio host Jeremy Cordeaux was sacked for calling her a “silly little girl who got drunk” after she alleged that she was raped in Parliament House. 

FIVEaa host David Penberthy announced on Monday morning that 75-year-old Cordeaux’s employment with the station has been “terminated.”

“I just ask myself why the prime minister doesn’t call it out for what it is. A silly little girl who got drunk,” Cordeaux said during his weekend breakfast show.

“If this girl has been raped, why hasn’t the guy who raped her been arrested? Apparently, everyone knows his name.”

 Following the news of Cordeaux’s termination, Higgins took to Twitter to applaud Nova Entertainment and FIVEaa for standing up for victims of sexual assault.

I’m grateful to @NovaEntAU and @1395FIVEaa for standing up for the one in five Australian women who will experience sexual assault in their lifetime. I politely disagree Mr Cordeaux. No, I do not deserve to have my “bottom smacked”,” she tweeted.

“This rhetoric isn’t helpful especially given the cultural reckoning about consent that is taking place across the country. Instead of seeking to modify the behaviour of victims, let’s try to address how we can deter perpetrators of sexual crimes,” she added.

In a statement read on air on Monday morning, the station “unreservedly” apologised to Higgins and withdrew the comments.

”We acknowledge that the comments were completely inappropriate and offensive,” Penberthy said.

“The views expressed by Jeremy Cordeaux do not reflect those held by FiveAA and Nova Entertainment and we unequivocally withdraw them.”

Unfortunately, this is not the first time Higgins has faced backlash and/or victim-blaming after coming forward with her allegations, with her former employer and Minister for Defence Linda Reynolds being forced to apologise for calling her a “lying cow” earlier this month.