The Absolute Spud Who Got Fired For Calling Brittany Higgins A ‘Silly Girl’ Has Doubled Down

jeremy cordeaux brittany higgins comments

Broadcaster Jeremy Cordeaux, who got the sack from his radio job at Nova’s FiveAA in Adelaide after calling Brittany Higgins a “silly little girl who got drunk”, has doubled down on the comments he made on air.

Cordeaux, who has been working at the station since 2014, was fired by FiveAA on Monday after he made comments on his weekend breakfast program about Higgins’ rape allegations and how Prime Minister Scott Morrison should have approached the allegations.

He said that Morrison should “call it out for what it is – a silly little girl who got drunk” who should have her “bottom smacked” for going out and “getting herself in that kind of compromising situation”.

“If this girl has been raped, why hasn’t the guy who raped her been arrested?” he reportedly asked on his Saturday morning program.

“Apparently, everyone knows his name.”

Because this is a man who’s spent his whole career not keeping his mouth shut and getting paid to do just that, Cordeaux has now given an interview to 7News, doubling down on his comments, once again inferring Higgins was a “silly little girl” and, unsurprisingly, bringing his daughter into the argument.

“The advice I give to my own daughter: do not go out and get drunk,” he said in the interview.

“Regardless of how well you may know the people around you, do not put yourself in harm’s way.

“Be on guard all the time, don’t be a silly little girl.”

This is sounding strangely familiar.

After his sacking from FiveAA effective immediately, Higgins responded to Cordeaux having to face the consequences for his actions, noting that she was grateful to Nova and FiveAA for “standing up to the one in five Australian women who will experience sexual assault in their lifetime”.

She also politely disagreed with Cordeaux that she should have her “bottom smacked”, and that his rhetoric “isn’t helpful especially given the cultural reckoning about consent that is taking place across the country.”