A TikToker Has Been Hospitalised After 3 Masked Men Allegedly Threw Acid At Her In Sydney’s CBD

Contributor: PEDESTRIAN.TV

Sydney TikToker Jenny Elhassan was the victim of an alleged targeted attack on Friday night. NSW Police have begun investigating the incident which caused Elhassan to be admitted to hospital.

Just past 11:00pm on Friday night Elhassan was in the middle of filming a video near the Old Town Hong Kong restaurant.

Three masked men then exited a vehicle with one of them allegedly throwing a substance believed to be acid in the Elhassan’s face. The vehicle is believed to have been a black Mazda.

“She was surrounded by the three men outside of the car who have allegedly assaulted her,” Sydney City Police Area Command Detective Acting Inspector Sean West stated as per the Daily Telegraph.

“One of those three perpetrators has then thrown (the substance) in her face.”

NSW Ambulance inspector Andrew Bibby confirmed that when paramedics arrived, Elhassan was having difficulty breathing.

“Her face was quite swollen as a result of the chemical substance which was also impacting her vision,” Bibby said as per 9 News.

“A chemical burn to any part of the body is extremely concerning let alone to a person’s face. Of all the injuries paramedics attend, burns can be the most painful and difficult to manage.”

While recovering in the Royal North Shore Hospital, Elhassan filmed a video detailing the extent of her injuries.


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“The burn marks (are) on my neck and my face,” she said.

“Shit job. Very shit job. My daughter could’ve thrown it (the substance) better.”

“God saved me. I had my glasses on. Imagine [if] I didn’t have my glasses on.”

Detective Acting Inspector West said the substance has not yet been identified by NSW Police. However, he did confirm it was corrosive.

“The police are investigating that as well as many other lines of inquiry to work out precisely what the motivation is,” the inspector said.

“We don’t exactly know what the acid is … it’s a corrosive substance.

“We are aware of certain social media videos that are currently being circulated and that is one of the many lines of inquiry that is being investigated today.”

Jenny Elhassan was discharged from hospital and has been continuing her recovery at home as per the SMH.

Anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000.