Jennifer Lawrence’s Family-Owned Summer Camp Was Torched By A Massive Fire On The Weekend

jennifer lawrence family summer camp fire

Parts of the Kentucky farm and summer camp owned and run by Jennifer Lawrence‘s family have been destroyed by fire over the weekend including the camp’s main barn space, and reportedly affecting living quarters and sections of the camp grounds.

TMZ reported that the Simpsonville-based Camp Hi-Ho – which was a popular spot for Jennifer and her family to holiday when she was younger, and is now run by Jennifer’s brother Blaine Lawrence  – was hit with a blaze on Friday night which tore through the barn, a nearby apartment the Lawrence family used, horse stalls, an indoor riding arena, a rock climbing wall, and a garage full of new equipment.

Camp Hi-Ho shared the news on Instagram and Facebook this week, confirming that the large barn they used for arts and crafts, and promised to have a rebuild and repair of the grounds done in time for camp to start back up again in the summer months next year.

Camp Hi-Ho also confirmed that although the fire did considerable damage to their beloved camp, no people or animals were harmed during the incident. It’s also believed that the camp’s Pet Barn – which helps to rehome foster kittens and puppies – was not affected in the fires.

TMZ also reported that in an email to camp attendees and their parents, Blaine also said the summer camp would be launching a fundraiser to help with the rebuild, and that they have plans to have everything ready to go for the 2021 summer camp season.

Jennifer Lawrence has been known to visit the summer camp in her younger years, with a photo of her and other campers being dredged back up from the depths of Twitter as the news of the fire picked up.

At the time of writing, Jennifer hasn’t commented on the Camp Hi-Ho fire or whether she’ll be helping to rebuild the destroyed buildings, but we’ll keep you updated.