Jason Momoa, known for his love of rock climbing, the ocean, and literally being Aquaman, has addressed the United Nations to urge climate action.

Speaking as a representative of all island nations, Momoa appeared at the UN’s Small Islands Event and did not pull any punches when outlining the hellscape our future world will face if change does not come.

“We suffer a collective amnesia of a truth that was once understood: the truth that to cause irreversible damage to the earth is to bring the same to ourselves,” he said.

“We the island nations and all coastal communities are the frontlines in this environmental crisis.”

Momoa, who has long been an activist for environmental repair, called on leaders across the world to honour the Paris Agreement, a pact sponsored by the United Nations to unite the world’s countries in a fight against climate change.

“The oceans are in a state of emergency,” he said.

“Entire marine ecosystems are vanishing with the warming the seas and as the waste of our world empties our waters we face the devastating crisis of plastic pollution.”

“We are a disease that is infecting our planet.”

The native Hawaiian actor stressed that while Earth’s island nations contribute the least to climate change they are more often that not made to suffer the weight of its consequences and act as a bellwether of what’s to come.

“Our governments and corporate entities have known for decades change that is needed. But the change has not come. And when the frontline is gone, we are doomed. there is no undoing.”

“If you continue to watch, unsympathetic to island nations, this realisation will soon come: that you stood by and witnessed the world cross the critical tipping point, ushering in the death of our planet.”

“As a human species we need the earth to survive, but make no mistake, the earth doesn’t need us.”

Momoa ended his address by shouting “Kū Kia’i Mauna”, a support for the effort to stop a 30-meter telescope being built on Mauna Kea, Hawaii’s tallest mountain.