Jason Isaacs To Play The Cold, Sexy ‘Star Trek’ Captain We All Deserve

Wonderful news for the sizeable crossover segment of the Harry Potter / Star Trek fan Venn diagram: hot mean British dad Jason Isaacs, best known for playing the hot mean dad of your number one FanFiction.net search history hit, Draco Malfoy, has been confirmed as the captain of the brand-new Star Trek: Discovery series. 
That’s right: Lucius Malfoy is a Starfleet captain now. 
Vulture has confirmed that Isaacs is on board (heh) to play Captain Lorca of the U.S.S. Discovery in the upcoming CBS series. While he won’t be in the leading role – that honour falls to The Walking Dead‘s Sonequa Martin-Green, who will play a lieutenant commander – you can look forward to seeing his particular icy, upper-crust smoulder on screen on the regs. 
Discovery will be the first Star Trek TV series since Enterprise wrapped up in 2005, and it’ll also be the first series to focus on a character who isn’t the captain. A number of other cast members have already been confirmed, including the franchise’s first openly gay character (!). 
Isaacs is known for playing bad dudes; is it too much to hope for a bad dude Starfleet captain? Probably, but the series is set even before Kirk and Spock launched a thousand slash-fics; anything could happen. 
Source: Vulture.
Image: Harry Potter.