Jarryd Hayne Supporters Yelled ‘You’re Innocent’ & Spat At His Victim Following His Sentencing

Supporters for Jarryd Hayne have reportedly caused a scene both in and outside the Newcastle District Court this afternoon, following Hayne’s sentencing for sexual assault.

Hayne was handed a five year, nine month prison sentence for a 2018 rape, of which sentencing Judge Helen Syme stated that Hayne was “fully aware that the victim was not consenting and went ahead anyway.”

Following the sentencing being read, supporters for Hayne reportedly caused a stir inside the court room, with one woman yelling “you’re innocent” as the 33-year-old was being lead away by police.


Following that, court reporters in Newcastle detailed a chaotic outside the courthouse, in which one Hayne supporter reportedly stared down Hayne’s victim and spat at her as police ushered her away from the building.


7 News court reporter Leonie Ryan also detailed how Hayne supporters allegedly scuffled with media crews outside the courthouse, with one reportedly grabbing a press photographer “by the neck.”

In sentencing Hayne this afternoon, Judge Syme stated “I do not accept the offender did not know, or hear, that the victim did not want to have sex with him,” and that Hayne only stopped because he “noticed the blood.”

In a victim impact statement delivered in-person, Hayne’s victim stated “You don’t owe somebody your body, nor should they expect it.”

“My body remembers and my mind won’t let me forget. This assault has changed me. It changed my direction and who I was,” she asserted.

Hayne will spend a minimum of 3 years, 8 months behind bars. He is expected to file an appeal.