The Horrific Texts Jarryd Hayne Sent The Woman He Sexually Assaulted Have Been Released

Jarryd Hayne Sexual Assault

Text messages between former NRL player Jarryd Hayne and his 26-year-old sexual assault victim have been released by the NSW District Court after the rugby star was found guilty earlier this week.

According to Judge Helen Syme, a jail sentence for Hayne is “inevitable” after he was found guilty of two counts of aggravated sexual assault in relation to an encounter that took place in Newcastle on the night of the 2018 NRL Grand Final. However, Hayne plans to appeal the verdict.

Following the guilty verdict, 34 messages were released by the court as part of the evidence that was used to convict Hayne, according to

The messages – sent via Snapchat – were sent after the woman contacted police. At the time, Hayne was unaware that police had been notified of her allegations and asked the victim to message him in an attempt to elicit an incriminating response that they could use as evidence.

“I thought you would have at least asked whether I’m OK or not by now?” the woman said.

Hayne replied: “You said you were OK last time we spoke?”

The woman, who remains unnamed to protect her privacy in the matter, then went on to assert that Hayne knew she wasn’t okay and had been left bleeding after the encounter.

“I don’t remember what I said but you knew I definitely wasn’t OK from the damage that night and you just left me that way,” she said.

“It was pretty messed up and you should have just stopped when I said so.”

Following this message, Hayne became aggressive and angry toward her, continuing to assert that the encounter was consensual.

“Wtf are you on about!!!” he said.

“I stopped straight away n made sure you were OK.

“We spoke for a while after n made sure you were OK be4 I left.

“Your starting to sound suss.”

The woman then replied explaining how she felt after the encounter, which reportedly “really impacted” her.

“Jarryd… You ran to the sink to wash the blood off. I said no from the start, especially because you had the taxi waiting outside and you seemed blind drunk. You know I didn’t want anything and you were really pushy, rough and you kept going,” she wrote.

“When I got out of the shower  I told you I was really hurting and you said you better go. I messaged you straight after you left and all you said was, “go doctor tomorrow.”

“You didn’t show any kind of remorse and it has really impacted me since then. Hence why I haven’t answered your calls on here.”

Despite this, Hayne simply replied “that’s completely untrue! Everything we did you consented to.”

In addition to a number of texts between Hayne and the victim, the court also released messages she sent her friends following the encounter.

“Something just happened and I don’t know what it was,” she said.

“I said why did you think you’re going to just come here and have sex with me.”

After her friend asserted that she was raped, the victim responded that she was “too scared to report it.”

“He would have the money to ruin me and the last thing I need is my life in the public eye,” she responded.

Hayne is set to face a sentence hearing in Newcastle in May. He is facing a maximum possible sentence of 14 years in prison.

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