NRL Star Says He’s Receiving ‘Threatening Messages’ After Posting An Off Joke About His Fiancée

NRL player Jarrod Wallace says he’s receiving “threatening messages” after posting an off comment about his pregnant fiancée, Shannon Wells, which he now claims is an “inside joke” between the pair.

Taking to the ‘gram on May 28, the Dolphins prop shared a snap of himself and his missus looking dolled up at a club event.

“You look real good cooking our little boy, but [you look] even better when your washing my clothes [sic],” he captioned the pic.

Jarrod Wallace says he’s now receiving “threatening messages” following his comment. Source: Instagram

After Wallace’s post started doing the rounds on influencer watchdog account @influencertea_aus, the athlete quickly deleted the icky remark.

“Take 2 – my beautiful fiancé [sic] looking gorgeous while cooking our baby boy,” the caption was amended to read.

“Also, for anyone concerned about my first post, it was an inside joke between us.”

Despite canning the comment, the backlash didn’t let up in the comment section, with one user penning: “Sometimes it’s best to keep an inside joke inside.”

Another said: “It’s an inside joke for a reason, for it to be kept between the two of you.

“Usually if you’re a public figure, you’d think about what you’re typing before you post it.”

Wallace’s partner quickly came to his defence, commenting: “Well, thankfully you do the washing honey, along with everything else while I’m nauseous.”

However, it was a case of too little, too late, with Wallace having to turn off the comments on his post before issuing an apology.

“I am sorry to anyone that possibly took offence to an innocent inside joke between my fiancé and I,” he wrote on his Insta Story. And we’re off to a cracking start.

The rugby star said he’s now aware that he must “better elaborate any posts with intended humour” going forward, and it “wasn’t [his intention]” to get fans riled up.

“But to clarify, it is an ongoing joke between us.”

jarrod wallace apology
Wallace clarified that the OG caption is an “ongoing inside joke” between him and Wells. Source: Instagram

He then noted that he’s a “proud dad and step-dad to four beautiful girls”.

“[I] would never want anyone to have the opinion I am sexist or promoting sexism as public figure,” Wallace added.

While he acknowledged that there may have been a “misinterpretation of an inside joke”, the NRL player said it “doesn’t give strangers permission to send threatening messages” to him, Wells or their “daughters and unborn child”.

“Those matters will now be dealt with legally and will be investigated by police.”

Image: Getty/Chris Hyde/Instagram @jarrodwallace8