Jared Leto Was Papped On The Set Of ‘House Of Gucci’ Looking A Wild 30 Seconds To 65

jared leto

Remember last year when Jared Leto emerged from a culty retreat in the wilderness, blissfully unaware that COVID-19 was a thing? Well, he’s aware of it now and BOY has it aged him.

I’m kidding, this is actually a first look at his character in Ridley Scott’s murdery biopic House of Gucci, who – according to The Cut – looks like “a funky Dr. Phil.”

The pics are exclusive to Entertainment Tonight, so we can’t republish them here, but if you’re keen to look at a picture of Jared Leto that’ll make you say “me”, click here.

Donning a fabulous pink corduroy suit and a receding hairline, Leto (who was once my childhood crush as the frontman of Thirty Seconds To Mars) looks almost unrecognisable.

Leto is set to play fashion designer Paolo Gucci in the film, who was the vice-president and managing director of Gucci Shops Inc and Gucci Parfums in 1954 before his uncle Rodolfo Gucci fired him a year later.

The film is set to be a smash hit, with Leto to star alongside Lady Gaga, Adam Driver and Al Pacino among countless other huge names.

In a recent interview with ET, he discussed how excited he was for the new project.

“The one and only Ridley Scott is directing — one of my favourite directors ever — with a cast that I’m blown away to be a part of,” he said.

“There’s Lady Gaga, or as I call her, Lady Guhgah — the queen herself and just a terrific creative person and great actress. Adam Driver’s in the film, again just a phenomenal actor. Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons and on and on. It’s the story of Gucci — which I didn’t even really know, and I’ve worked closely with Gucci for many years now. It’s a wild one.”

The first glimpse of Leto in character comes just days after Lady Gaga and Adam Driver blessed us with a glorious picture of the not-so-happy couple in the snow, which made me both excited for the new film, and dangerously horny for Adam Driver.

House of Gucci is currently being filmed in Italy and will follow the story of Maurizio Gucci and his ex-wife Patrizia Reggiani, who was convicted of plotting his murder in 1995.