Japan Out-Japans Itself, Reinvents Snack Game With Chocolate Singles

How this hasn’t already existed for YEARS is truly a baffling question that will never have an answer.

Japan, being the masters of innovation and creation that they are, have just one-upped themselves in the most glorious of ways imaginable.
They’ve gone ahead and invented CHOCOLATE SINGLES.

As in, like Kraft Singles, but instead of cheese, it’s chocolate.
They’re even packaged like regular cheese slices – in the plastic and everything.
It’s amazing.
A Japanese company by the name of Bourbon – who create all manner of baking-related confectionary – has released the product which Google Translate described thusly:
Rich deep, smooth ganache Doke mouth is now slice type of a thickness of 2mm. Enjoy a full-bodied and rich chocolate sense of fresh cream. For the slice type, the “wind”, “to pull out the type”, “wrap” and “put” such as easily can be so you spread variety is food scene. Bourbon is a patent pending in products that utilize the unique technology.”

The chocolate is actually more of a ganache than pure solid chocolate, making it similar in consistency and flexibility to the cheese slices everyone with a beating heart is intimately familiar with.

But the possibilities! They are endless!
Think about it! A slice of chocolate on your pancakes! Ready-to-go s’mores at the drop of a hat! TOASTED CHOCOLATE SANDWICHES.
The kicker here is that they’re only commercially available in Japan for the time being. However, the company does ship overseas – so if the idea of spending $40-odd on a bulk order of choc singles sounds like a great idea, you can try and wade your way through the absolutely-only-in-Japanese website of Bourbon to get involved.
The future’s a marvellous place, friends.
Photo: Bourbon.
Source: TIME.com.