Jamie Oliver Wants Australia To Pull Its Finger Out And Start Taxing Sugar

It’s technically possible that you’ve been paying attention to things that Jamie Oliver has been saying and doing over the past five or so years. When he’s not whipping up summer trout with lemon and thyme, he’s a political agitator for a sugar tax – specifically a tax on sugary drinks. Well, he got what he wanted. The Conservative Government in the UK has announced they’re instituting a tax on sugary drinks from 2018.

Oliver’s pretty chuffed about it, and he reckons it’s high time Australia followed suit too. In a livestream on Facebook, he praised the government’s new initiative, and tells Australia to “pull your finger out” and get a sugar tax going. Watch it below:

The food revolution is underway

The food revolution is underway. This feels like a victory for Britain’s children and for everyone who has campaigned so hard for a tax on sugary sweetened drinks. I would love the money to go to food education as well as sport but I think we have to applaud the Chancellor for taking this extremely important, bold step. I hope that this bravery will continue to form a part of this Government’s attitude to dealing with obesity and will influence the Prime Minister’s Childhood Obesity strategy later in the year.

Posted by Jamie Oliver on Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Strong words, but Oliver reckons it’s inevitable after his UK victory. And hey, there’s support for it here. A Newspoll survey by The Obesity Coalition in 2015 found that 8/10 Australians would support a sugar tax if the money raised went towards fighting childhood obesity.
Source: Facebook.
Image: Getty Images / Ben Pruchnie