WATCH: Jameela Jamil Pretends To Shit Herself To Protest ‘Detox’ Products

Jameela Jamil has continued her battle against the social media influencers who peddle sham ‘detox’ products online, but instead of directly calling out stars like Cardi B for hawking the dubious goods, Jamil just pretended to shit herself.

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Taking to Instagram, the inimitable The Good Place star today posted what she imagines is a more ‘honest’ version of those advertisements. Gone are the flattering ab shots and glowing testimonials; in their place are roiling bowel movements and the harrowing sounds of intense flatulence.

The video is just the latest attempt by Jamil to clue people onto the realities of the modern diet product industry, and the ways in which marketers often exploit the insecurities of impressionable and vulnerable audiences.

This week, Jamil said she hopes celebs like Cardi B “shit their pants” due to the sham detox and diet products.

Months before that, she launched an online salvo against Kim Kardashian for posting sponsored Instagram content advertising alleged appetite-suppressant lollipops to her followers.

The latest vid is a bold move, but the final splash might just be more palatable than extracting unethical profits from followers.