Jalals Get Dressed Down On ‘Today’, Promptly Hand Themselves In To Police

It’s been a bloody rough 12 hours or so for Internet “pranksters” Jalals, who are weathering an absolute storm of controversy over a profoundly ill-thought out prank video that featured them fake shooting at a small child and her father was posted to their Facebook page.

The three young brothers, whose online presence has some 1.8million fans, first copped an almighty, and very sobering, bake from Stan Grant and Waleed Aly on The Project that completely sucked the air out of the studio as Grant, in particular, relayed his experiences reporting from the front lines of war as the boys shuffled nervously.
This morning, the trio appeared on The Today Show, and copped another scalding – this time from everyone’s best mate Karlos Stefanovic.
Karl stated that, whilst he saw some flashes of satirical nous in their previous videos, the boys have largely lost their handle on their own material and pushed things way too far; crossing a line where the material is not only rudderless, but dangerous to the innocent people they’re pulling the “pranks” on.
The three boys – clearly uncomfortable in TV interview settings – offered meek replies and awkward laughter in response.

But their morning did not end there.

After the interview with Today was over, it emerged that Victoria Police had executed a warrant for the boys’ arrest as part of an on-going investigation into the incident.
Police confirmed that the three brothers – Max, Rebeen, and Arman, all aged between 16 and 20 – handed themselves in to police at the Spencer Street Crime Command complex at 8:35am.
Speaking to 3AW, Victoria Police Chief Commissioner Graham Ashton confirmed that the three were in police custody this morning, and that police are looking to charge them with “whatever we can.”

“It’s deplorable behaviour as I’ve seen on it on the internet, absolutely horrid behaviour running around trying to terrorise members of the community dressed up in what they preserve terrorists look like.”

“We have been investigating and have three of these individuals in police custody at the moment for interview.”

“My view on that is we will charge them on whatever they can be charged with because this behaviour is just a ridiculous display and we don’t want to encourage it in any way shape or form.”

“[Someone] could have a health scare as a result but also what happens if there was a police officer present who witnessed that, it could be a very deadly situation.”

“We believe there could be criminal offences committed there, assaults, and imitation firearms and also as I understand it, these people have made some money which is proceeds of crime.”

The video, for the time being, remains up and active on Jalals Facebook page.

Source: The Today Show, News.com.au.