There’s a rumour going around that Tasmanian Senator Jacqui Lambie has been suspended from the Qantas Club, The Sydney Morning Herald‘s CBD column reports.

Lambie hasn’t responded to any requests for comment, but sources told the newspaper that “Qantas has put the brakes on Lambie’s privileges after several occasions inside the lounges where staff and the former Army corporal failed to see eye-to-eye.”

Who knows what this could mean.

We can, however, make an educated guess that it’s got nothing to do with frequent flyer points or status credits or whatever.

The Qantas Club has strict rules and even a dress code which bans ugg boots, among other things.

Its also a long-standing convention that all federal politicians get access to Qantas airport lounges while Parliament is sitting, regardless of their mileage with the airline. Virgin Australia and Rex offer similar perks to pollies.

Some insider better divulge what’s really going on ASAP, because the tea is surely divine.

Not all is lost for Lambie, however. During budget week, representatives from Rex were spotted visiting her office in Parliament, and the airline now flies between her home in Burnie, Tasmania, and Canberra.

I could think of no better way to kick off a relaxing weekend away than to bump into Lambie at an airport lounge.

But with this news, combined with the fact I don’t fly nearly often enough to have lounge access, I’ll have to settle for bumping into her in line for the security check instead.

Image: Facebook / Qantas | Getty Images / Sam Mooy