If I had a dollar for every time a funny sex-related gaffe happened on air during New Zealand’s COVID-19 presser, I would have two dollars — which isn’t a lot, but it’s weird that it happened twice. The most recent, however, is definitely funniest – because Jacinda Ardern‘s facial expressions are comedy gold.

In today’s daily presser, Aotearoa/New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and Director General of Health Dr Ashley Bloomfield were asked if an allegation involving a patient and visitor who had ~sexual relations~ at Auckland hospital was considered a “high-risk activity, in the current climate”.

The question is funny on its own, considering I imagine any hospital bed sex would probably constitute as high-risk either for mobility or public indecency reasons, but hey, no kink-shaming here. Except from Jacinda Ardern, who’s face immediately went through the five stages of grief at such a saucy question.

I mean, just look. Please. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

First we have the confused face: denial. And then the shocked, kind of horrified face: anger. Then that ‘hmm’, thoughtful face: bargaining. And then the final two faces as she sighs and laughs: depression and acceptance.

I mean, just look at this tweet, where someone went through the effort of screenshotting her faces. Honestly, the range!

Dr Bloomfield was the one who answered the question with a little laugh, bless him, saying: “I think it is a high-risk activity, potentially, however I don’t know any of the details about that interaction.” I love the context-specific analysis!!

Ardern ended up answering too, commenting, “I would say, generally, regardless of the Covid status, that kind of thing shouldn’t generally be part of visiting hours, I would have thought.”

As I mentioned earlier, this isn’t even the first time something naughty was said on-air — just last month, a NZ Minister accidentally told people to go outside and “spread their legs”. Someone get me a ticket to Aotearoa please.