Surprise Surprise, Ivan Milat Denies Fucken Everything In New Prison Letter

Ivan Milat

Australia‘s most notorious serial killer Ivan Milat has penned a letter from his hospital bed in Long Pay prison, denying his involvement in the murders of seven backpackers, and claiming he was framed for the crimes.

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Milat was recently transferred to the hospital ward and is undergoing chemotherapy for oesophageal cancer. Any hopes that his own impending mortality would lead him to confess to his killings, however, appear to be dashed.

In a three-page hand-written letter to The Sun-Herald, the 74-year-old attacks NSW detective Clive Small, who lead the murder investigation. He claims Small “framed” him for the crimes with the help of a “malicious” justice system.

Elsewhere in the letter, dated July 11 this year, he writes: “My life since arrest, and then conviction, has been devoted wholly to prove my innocence… [and] the court judiciary who conspired to obscure the miscarriages of justice.”

Clive Small, now retired, has responded, calling Milat’s claims a “joke” and saying that trial records clearly show he was in no way framed for his crimes.

Ivan Milat is currently serving seven life sentences for the murders of seven backpackers, who disappeared between 1989 and 1992 while hitchhiking on the Hume Highway. Their bodies were eventually found in the Belangalo State Forest.

Addressing his cancer treatment in the letter, he claims to have been given a less-than-fifty percent chance of survival.