It’s Not Just You, Instagram Is Fucked Everywhere

Instagram users have been experiencing outages, error messages, and general shit-housery as the app experiences a number of frustrating issues across the globe.

People were forced to get pretty familiar with the error message “couldn’t refresh feed” as Instagram continually failed to reload from around 7AM Friday morning. Personally, my account has locked onto a gym selfie from someone I went to high school with and have since never spoken to. I’m in hell!

Those trying to access Instagram via the web browser have been facing similar issues, and almost 20,000 people have reported problems with the app on Down Detector, a site that tracks the working problems social media platforms encounter day-to-day.

Earlier this morning, Instagram took to Twitter (which is working fine) to notify everyone that it was working to fix the problems.

People have reacted predictably calm about the whole thing.

PEDESTRIAN has contacted Instagram for comment.