IT’S DEAD: Plebiscite Killed Off For Good As Labor Successfully Blocks It

Ready for a bit o’ good news on this here Tuesdee mornin’? Yeah you are. 
The Labor caucus has blocked the plebiscite, which effectively renders the public vote dead on its feet. 
This means that will not go ahead on February 11 as planned by the Liberal government. 
MPs and Senators met at Parliament earlier today, where Labor, Greens and key cross-benchers voted to block the Coalition‘s bill.
Regardless, the Coalition will likely still introduce the legislation, despite not having the numbers in the Senate. 
Overnight, Attorney-General George Brandis introduced the draft of the ‘Marriage Amendment (Same-Sex Marriage) Bill’, which would be put forward if the plebiscite went ahead and gained a majority ‘Yes’ vote. 
As per the ABC, the amendments to the bill included:
    • The definition of marriage would change, from “a man and a woman” to “two people”
    • The conditions for a valid marriage would stay the same
    • Foreign same-sex marriages would be recognised in Australia
    • Ministers of religion would be able to refuse to solemnise a marriage on the grounds that the marriage is not the union of a man and a woman, if that refusal conforms to the doctrines, tenets or beliefs of the minister’s religion
    • Marriage celebrants would also be able to refuse to marry a same-sex couple

LGBTQIA activists have been actively campaigning against the expensive plebiscite, due to the fact that the ‘No’ campaign will be harmful to LGBTQIA lives and damaging to mental health. 
Many people have expressed relief that the vote will now not go ahead, and have reiterated their requests for a free vote to happen in Parliament instead:

And some delved into a pretty major reason why it was blocked:

But regardless, at least that pesky ‘gay agenda’ that Australian Christian Lobby leader Lyle Shelton‘s always going on about can pop down their rainbow battle axes, and rest. Or will they….

Labor leader Bill Shorten tweets a promise to push for a free vote in Parliament:

We will deliver more information as it arises. 

Source: ABC..