It’s Census Night & A Bunch Of People Still Haven’t Received Their Letters

Usually a benign affair without much controversy, somehow this year’s census has been a complete shitshow of privacy concerns and technological failures, with a number of politicians (like independent senator Nick Xenophon) risking heavy fines by refusing to complete the census in protest.

People have been divided over whether they want to be forced to give all their personal details over to the government for 4 years when they could potentially be used against them (somehow) or exposed to hackers thanks to some shitty IT on the government’s behalf.
Some people, luckily or unluckily depending on your perspective, have been spared having to make the decision entirely, thanks to the ABS straight up failing to deliver their login code:

Luckily their fuckup won’t mean you’ll be copping the rather brutal $180 a day fine for not completing it. If, like me, you have not had a single letter from the ABS in your letterbox, don’t stress too much – they say they’re giving exemptions for people who are “trying”, which seems like an interesting legal line to draw:

Hope the rest of you are enjoying your wild and crazy census parties while the rest of us are forced to do absolutely nothing.