It Took 4 Minutes For This Run-Down Sydney Shitbox To Sell For Nearly $2M

Happy Monday, Australia.

A dilapidated terrace house in the inner-west Sydney suburb of Camperdown has sold for $1.96 million, following an auction which lasted all of four minutes. Truly: yesterday’s sale of the 12 Sparkes Street property was settled in less time than it’d take to properly assess its real estate listing.

A series of moody-as-hell images of the property demonstrate just how gacked it is.

The property, which was auctioned off by its previous owner after approvals for a student boarding house fell through, was snapped up by a couple. You’d get slim odds assuming the buyers would renovate and negative gear the heritage-listed digs, but the truth is even wilder: they don’t even know what they’re going to do with it.

Speaking to The Australian, one of the new owners admitted this purchase actually took them by surprise, saying “we may end up living here, but we don’t know yet because we didn’t expect to buy it actually.”

For the record, the place sold for $110,000 over its asking price – and for $580,000 more than it sold for in 2014, without factoring inflation. 

The woman said “we did the research, but I just didn’t expect that we would be the ones to get the house. We’re excited but aren’t quite sure what we’ll do with it yet.” She suggested they may just re-do the entire joint as a “long-term project we could pass onto the kids,” but the fact they’re still deliberating after the fact is… well. Yeah.

This sale is just the latest in an ever-lengthening series of wild purchases of objectively borked properties in the city. 

Photo: Domain.