It Cost A Massive $40M To Protect Trump In His First 100 Days As President

It was always pretty clear from the moment Trump was inaugurated that Draining The Swamp and weaning Washington bureaucrats off the taxpayers teat wasn’t going to extend to the insane amounts of money it’d take to move around and protect Don’s extended, geographically disparate family.

Well, turns out that protecting the Trump clan in the first 100 days of his presidency has cost AU$40 million – more than it has for any other U.S. president in history. For comparison, protecting Obama‘s family cost about $12 miillion a year.

Though there’s no standard way to calculate these kind of expenses, but the Los Angeles Times has scrimped together all the public info they can to come to this figure. The actual costs could run deeper.
Obviously, it’s not like its unexpected that a president in 2017 might cost more to protect than say Abraham Lincoln – fat load of good it did that guy anyway – it’s still absurdly large. Most of it due to the fact that Trump’s wife Melania and son Barron live in New York City – meaning that Trump Tower needs to be ultra-fortified – as well as the fact Trump likes to swan around at golf courses on weekends.
Last weeks Federal Budget allocated $61 million to reimbursing local law enforcement in New York and Palm Beach thanks to the insane expenditure:
Although the federal government does not otherwise reimburse costs of state or local law enforcement for activities in support of the United States Secret Service protection mission, these funds are being provided in recognition of the extraordinary costs borne by a small number of jurisdictions in which a residence of the president is located.

Each trip to the Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida costs at least AU$1.35 million, with some estimates running as high as AU$4.8 million. 

Trump’s sons Donald and Eric need Secret Service protection when they’re on business trips – and that’s also subsidised by the U.S. taxpayer. They’ve apparently been accompanied by security detail on trips to Dubai, Uruguay, the Dominican Republic, Canada, Ireland and Scotland.
That’s all a very hefty chunk of change. Eagerly anticipating the four or so Trump megafans who regularly visit the PEDESTRIAN.TV comments to say that it’s all actually extremely good for some nebulous reason.
While we’re here it’s super important to note that the last four images of Trump on Getty Images look like he was just kicked out of his apartment by his wife:
Photo: Getty Images.