How To Find Fellow Investors To Talk Shop With If None Of Yr Mates Could Give A Flying Stock
PEDESTRIAN.TV has partnered with moomoo to help you find your investing besties.

Stonks! Are they going up? Are they going down? Or are they just truckin’ along, neither rising nor dipping in any spectacular fashion? Whatever’s going on with those bad boys, you’re probably gonna want to talk about it – particularly with like-minded folks.

If you’re just getting into investing, or have been at it for a while, it can be hard to find people to discuss the market with because, well, let’s face it: the stock market is not for everyone. A lot of your friends might be more interested in chatting about movies or the footy over beers – no matter how often you strategically try to navigate the convo in a more numbers-focused direction.

We feel your pain, investing besties. It’s hard to have a passion for something that none of your friends are into.

That’s why we’ve wrapped up some of the best ways for investors to find their people. It’s a win-win – your friends get to talk about the game, and you get to talk about the stock market completely uninhibited. We love to see it.

Suss out moomoo, a trading platform with 18 million+ users

18 million users is a lot. You’re sure to find your new BFF, multiple BFFs, amongst the community over at moomoo. The platform is all about making trading accessible and social, so it’s the perfect platform for new investors to find mates and build confidence.

It’s also great for those who’ve been at it for a while because with that many users sharing their strategies and tips, you’re bound to learn something new.

Find an online forum

There’s a subreddit, Facebook group or forum out there for absolutely any interest. I’ve seen some spectacularly niche ones out there in my internet-surfing days (one particularly memorable subreddit is completely dedicated to hating on Grandpa Joe from the original Charlie & The Chocolate Factory).

If you’re looking for some investing buddies, I’d be hitting up r/investing_discussion and r/investing first up – but there’s an abundance out there. Join the chat, don’t be shy.

Take a class

This one is particularly good if you’re new to the stock market. There are a bunch of short courses – a lot of them online – you can take that’ll give you all the tools you need to get started in the market, including some new friends to take along the journey. Maybe you could suggest that you and your classmates catch up for a beer after class. You’ll be chatting all things stonks until the wee hours of the morning, just you wait.

moomoo also have a bunch of educational resources available, having published close to 2,500 courses in multiple languages. Imagine the investing knowledge within those tomes…what’re you waiting for? Go sign up!

Go to a convention IRL or online

When I hear ‘convention’ I usually think Star Trek or like, Vidcon. But there are so many conventions out there just for investors and they have nothing to do with YouTubers or dressing up in cosplay. Unless you’re into that, in which case I bet there’s an ‘Investing X Cosplay’ convention out there for you, too.

Just whack in ‘investment convention’ and follow your heart (or a link that looks up your alley). Best of luck on your journey, young investor.

Image: The Simpsons