Internet Gifts Cory Bernardi With Lovely New Website Ft. Giant Pride Flag

The art of sledging in the modern day involves more than a “screw you” quip or a couple of well-constructed tweets – this is 2016 and domain names are involved.

Which brings us to the absolutely fucking delightful website, which consists of nothing more than a giant rainbow flag and the tagline: “Compassion Lives Here“.

Now this is *not* Bernardi’s official website – that cesspool of intolerance can be found at (yeah, we’re not linking) – but you kinda have to wonder why he never got ’round to registering the dot au. Failing to see the bigger picture, probably, which is exactly how he’s been acting since Bill Shorten found his mojo and called him a homophobe direct to his very face:

Later that day, Bernardi called this Shorten’s “Latham moment” and spent a good deal of time lamenting name-calling from our federal politicians rather than suggest he was anything other than homophobic.

Honestly, he can barely get the word out:

Name-calling. If only there was a program to teach people not to do it.