A grown man from the Kyle and Jackie O show has scored his ten seconds of fame when he told former captain Steve Smith his actions really aren’t that bad because they don’t compare to the other cheating scandal that happened between Davina and Dean on Married at First Sight. Noice.

Never a bad moment for an opportune publicity stunt.

The other journos and press team quickly hushed the man and the interview carried on but those few seconds were enough to trigger Twitter. 

You can watch the snippet below.


This was Smith’s first meeting with the Australian press since the interview in Cape Town last Saturday, and it was an emotional one as he apologised to his fans, his family, the sport, and to the Australian public. After making his apology, the questions began and the man, who is apparently known as Intern Pete (Pete Deppelerhas) made sure to mention he was from the Kyle and Jackie O show before going on his MAFS tangent. Again, noice.

You may remember Intern Pete from the Logies – the one who dressed up and paraded around as the gold statue.

This isn’t Intern Pete’s first time being in hot water. Just last year Pete had to apologise on air for completely making a story up about Neighbours’ actor Stefan Dennis (Paul Robinson) being publicly intoxicated, falling into a gutter and throwing up. Channel 10 immediately denied the claims and Pete admitted he didn’t see Stefan fall, instead he “tripped a little bit” and that he didn’t “spew, I saw him cough” .

No one’s really sure what Intern Pete was genuinely trying to achieve from the stunt but holy shitsnacks are people damn fumin’ at him.

I mean, some people got a laugh out of it but the majority agreed it was a cheap move.

So, as always enjoy the wrath of Twitter.

Leigh Sales has spoken.

Image: Channel 9 | Wide World of Sports