Interested In Buying Mamamia? You’re In Luck, Because It’s Up For Sale

Pssst. Pssst. Hey kid. You wanna buy a popular female-focused content network with great potential for future growth in Australian and international markets?

Well, it’s on the table. Insanely popular Mia Freedman brainchild Mamamia is for sale, with a report from The Australian indicating that Freedman’s Mamamia Women’s Network has appointed KPMG to help ’em sell.
It’s understood that Freedman and Mamamia executive chairman Jason Lavigne have been approached by a possible international buyer, as well as a number of local publishers interested in the sale.
It is believed that this is part of a movement to take the brand overseas – a move that would require an injection of outside capital or the support of a larger organisation or publisher. 
Lavigne explained the move to staff in an email:
Over the years, Jason and Mia have received investment approaches from various external parties,” said an email to staff seen by The Australian.

The timing has never been right to proceed so we’ve respectfully declined each time.

Recently, following an approach, we decided to undertake a proactive process for seeking outside investment in order to accelerate our domestic and international growth. Since its inception the business has been self-funded by Jason and Mia and we feel it may be time to bring in a partner to help accelerate our aggressive growth strategy and plans.
There you go. If you’ve got some shrapnel rattling around, you may want to consider casually picking up one of Australia’s most successful digital media ventures. No biggie.
Photo: Getty Images /  Graham Denholm.