Instagram Explains Why It Won’t #FreeTheNipple, Shifts Blame To Apple

For years, Instagram has been attracting negative attention over their guidelines censoring female nipples, but not male ones, yet for some reason only now are they explaining why.

Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom has now said that one of the key reasons Instagram bans female nipples is that Apple’s App Store has strict guidelines on what content is and isn’t allowed, and ICYMI, female nipples are not. 

Apple’s App Store guidelines are pretty strict: nudity comes with a 17+ rating, and Instagram is all about appealing to the mass market. The #FreeTheNipple movement succeeding in getting mastectomy scars and breastfeeding pics the green light from Instagram, but no victory yet for all-purpose nips.

Speaking at Dazed Media-hosted conference on Wednesday, Systrom himself said that censorship of female nipples and not male ones is arbitrary, and that – as we ALL know – the internet has no shortage of nipples. Seek, and you shall find, and probably more than you ever needed.

Apple is yet to comment, but 10/10 says it;ll come back with a statement along the lines of ‘We don’t want to accidentally share porn, the internet’s cornered that market already.’

Picture: Instagram.

via Business Insider.