Insta Influencer Pleads Guilty To Smuggling 93kg Of Coke Into Sydney

A Canadian social media influencer admitted in a Sydney court that her life of Instagram luxury was in fact a ruse covering up for a massive international drug smuggling career. Meanwhile, us peasants can barely rack up thirty likes on a selfie – without a drug running operation to manage.

Melina Roberce, 23, yesterday pleaded guilty to importing cocaine into Australia via a cruise ship in 2016. She had been caught with a whopping 95 kilograms of cocaine on the Sea Princess cruise after it arrived at the Overseas Passenger Terminal in August 2016.

Melina Roberge. Source: Instagram,

The cocaine was stored beneath the beds of the travellers. Before arriving in Sydney, they had spent 56 days on the cruise ship travelling through the UK, USA, Bermuda, Columbia, Ecuador and Peru.

The drugs were estimated to be valued at around $21 million, which is probably more than you can get from beauty sponsorships on your thirst target Insta. It’s simply good business development, folks.

Source: AAP

Fellow Canadian Isabelle Legace, 29, pleaded guilty for her role in the operation in November last year. The other man, Andrew Tamine, has not faced trial yet.

Roberge is scheduled to be sentenced before the Downing Centre District Court on March 21 while Tamine will appear before the same court for sentencing on October 26.