Insta Confirms They’re Working On Live Video So You Can Stream Ya Avo Toast

Instagram has 110% confirmed that they’re going to once again nab a feature of another social media company in order to continue the overriding Grand Master Plan™ to make every platform exactly the same with identical features. 
Ahem. We mean, they’ve announced they are currently working on a live video feature, one of the most successful recent additions for their parent company, Facebook
Instagram‘s CEO Kevin Systrom told the Financial Times in an interview on Thursday: 
“Live is really exciting for us. I think it can enhance what we’re doing.”
There’s actually reports that Instagram is already testing live video streaming with some users – they’re allegedly displaying live streams from contacts in a similar way to how we currently see ‘Instagram Stories‘.
The ‘Stories‘ feature was introduced at the beginning of August, and was such a clear copy of Snapchat‘s main function, that Instagram head of product Kevin Weil actually straight up admitted to it:

“When people first started using a hashtag outside of Twitter, it was a big deal. It’s become universal as a result. 

I think ‘the story’ is a fantastic format for sharing in the moment and giving people a picture of your daily life, and I think a lot of apps are going to adopt it.”
Systrom didn’t confirm exactly how the company was planning on integrating the new feature, or when it will be available, but one things for sure – at least the person they’re stealing from this time is… y’know… their boss.
Source: Variety
Photo: Carl Court / Getty.