Insta Bro Jay Alvarez Posts Throwback To Ex Alexis Ren After Slinging Match

Nearly six months after their extremely messy and public breakup, Instagram celebrity Jay Alvarrez has shouted-out to his ex, fellow Instagram celeb Alexis Ren, with an, uh… interesting message.
In celebration of Alvarrez’s 22nd birthday, he posted a shitload of Insta story shout-outs to people who had influenced his life so far. There was your standard cast of characters – mum, dad, mates, old blokes he met while travelling – and then there was this little treat:
This is like an exercise in backhanded fuckboi negging bullshit. 

“To a girl who played a very special roll [sic] in my teen years, amillion [sic] memories but & [sic] at the end of the day always have love for who you are beneath all the other stuff you show people.

“Thank you for teaching me more and more things about girls [sic] emotions & minds, sorry I had to leave.”
Whatever, dude. You dumped her, and then she said you had a small dick. Just… let it go.
Image: Instagram / @jayalvarrez.