Despite the baffling trends of fidget spinners, goo, and being extraordinarily good at Instagram makeup, there is still hope for the youth of tomorrow. 
Evidence: 11-year-old Romesa from San Antionio, Texas, who has always really, really wanted a cat. She had one once, but the family had to give it away. Now she’s back to longing for a fuzzball of her own. 
Is she content to sit around, wishing on stars and hoping her parents will come around to the idea? 
No, this future Supreme Court iudge wrote an entire 6-page report, complete with thorough research on the benefits of cat ownership, to convince her parents to let her adopt a fuzzy companion. 
Romesa’s sister Rimsha managed to snag a copy of the persuasive text, and posted some pics to Twitter. The response has been absolutely wild – as it should be. Game recognise game. 

According to Buzzfeed, Ramsha reckons her sister’s chances of welcoming a kitty into the fold are actually pretty good: 
“I think chances are maybe 80% as of now.”
We’re rooting for you, Romesa! Please do one on climate change for your big orange President next, thx. 

Source: Buzzfeed News
Image: Twitter / @sassysamosa.